"The Trek is a childhood dream come true and I am so grateful to everyone who has made this happen"

Nevin Kismet Erenyol, Founder

"I have been called to go on a spiritual epic journey to explore the passageways of America"

Debbie 'White Dove' Porreco, Direct Descendant of Pocahontas

    Desert Mountains

    The Great TransAmerican Trek

    An epic adventure coming soon to the BIG screen and the PBS Television network

    Breaking news: The Great Transamerican Trek has been selected as ´Documentary Of The Week´in celebration of Native American Heritage Month by the International Documentary Association in Los Angeles, California.

    A select group of female riders, who will interact as our traveling audience, meet nine indiginous tribes on a 150 day, 3700 mile horse trek. With an objective to create an education programme amongst the children of indigenous tribes and highlight the plight of the wild Mustang. The adventure will feature on the BIG screen and the PBS television network reaching over 200 million people across the US.

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