"First Nations Development Institute is excited to endorse the upcoming film The Great Transamerican Trek and be part of the ripples of positive social change that should flow from the documentary, not only in Native American communities but in society at large. For 38 years we've been working hard to revitalize Native communities and economies, and we feel this film will go a long way toward building truth, understanding and appreciation of Native Americans, their histories, and their contributions to society."


Michael E.Roberts, President & CEO, First Nations Development Institute

"I am writing in enthusiastic support of your Great Transamerican Trek project. As you know, I have been researching horses in North America for many years and have been following them across the continent to uncover unexpected stories alongside the better known relationships between Native Americans and these important cultural, economic, and historical animals."

Dr Steven M. Fountain

Author 'Horses Of Their Own Making"

Seattle Pacific University

"The Great Transamerican Trek is a remarkable expression of cross-cultural cooperation highlighting important projects amongst indigenous communities across America. This undertaking will play a crucial role in advancing Native American community development not often showcased in the media."

Dr. Richard D. Scheuerman, Professor Emeritus, Seattle Pacific University