The riders are the traveling audience and form the core of the featured story as we follow them as they traverse the U.S on horseback. Led by Jesse McNeil with founder, Nevin Kismet Mirrel-Erenyol the riders will engage with viewers as they experience the adventure through their eyes.

Our riders are:

Nevin Kismet Mirrel-Erenyol


The founder and originator of the Trek. A childhood dream come true for Nevin whose experience of riding and loving horses has filled her life.

Debbie Whitedove Porreco


A direct descendant of Pocahontas, Debbie has ridden horses her entire life and is, of course, a native American.

Jessica Bally


A junior show jumping champion, currently involved in Dressage.

Vivian Loekken

Owner of Cleo Marbella Properties, and a horse lover since a child.

Miriam Kogele


A rider all her life, passionate about horses and about Native Americans.

Andrea Kogele


One of our most experienced riders, Andrea is a core member of our team.

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